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Monday, December 21, 2009

Get Committed!

With the Holidays in full swing, trying to get or stay committed to your health can be very challenging. How do you stay on course when there are holiday parties, family dinners and lots of treats in the office just waiting to sabotage your healthy initiatives? The holidays are here once a year so enjoy them without the guilt. Treat yourself to some goodies but try to commit to 1-3 healthy habits per day to keep you on course. If you start now, you will not have to worry about making those dreadful resolutions come the New Year and you can feel confident that you are well on your way to a lifestyle of good health.

Sounds easy right? Committing to your health doesn't happen over night but if you start slow it will happen over time. I can tell you that before I was a "model" of good health, I was a Dorito and Ring Ding eatin' kind of gal. I never gained a large amount of weight, but for me it was enough to make me feel tired, cranky and horrible about myself. So I made a decision to change and was determined to recreate my health. It was sort of a commitment crusade if you will. I began by making a list of all the things that would make me feel my best every day. I didn't pressure myself to do everything on the list, but I committed to choosing at least 3 that I knew I would stick to. Then over time I kept incorporating more items from the list and before I knew it I transformed and molded myself into the healthy person I knew I wanted to be. Here are some examples from my list...May they inspire and help you make your own healthy commitments...

-Begin each morning with a tall glass of water to rehydrate after a long night of sleeping
-Eat 5-6x/day, always beginning with a hearty breakfast
-Add at least one fruit or vegetable to every meal and snack
-I do not snack while making dinner
-I stop eating when I am full
-limit my animal protein to a couple times/month
-minimize my dairy intake
-minimize all processed foods
-minimize foods made from "enriched flour"- white pasta, rice, bread etc
-Workout 5-6x/week for 20 minutes to an hour depending on my daily schedule
-Always take the stairs instead of the elevator (unless Scarlett and gear are in tow)
-Spend 10 minutes meditating
-Cook using all natural, healthy ingredients
-Walk to as many places as I can
-If I drive anywhere, I park in the furthest parking space and walk to the store

The list is always evolving, but having it to refer to is a constant reminder on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In Health and Abundance,

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